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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tutor of Apple Tree Tutors, LLC!  


Please submit the following to start the process of becoming a Tutor at Apple Tree Tutors, LLC:


  1. Copy of your certification

  2. Resume

  3. Brief biography

  4. Photo


The documents we are requesting will be reviewed by our professional educators at Apple Tree Tutors.  Once your credentials have been verified, you will be contacted by us to set up a telephone conference to discuss the terms of agreement. 

As a Tutor at Apple Tree Tutors, LLC, we promote and advertise your service for you, at no additional cost!  


We will advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and other online and written media.  Likewise, we will provide you with informational flyers to give to students in your area that are looking for a tutor!  


Because there are no boundaries to virtual learning, our platform and website provide you the potential to have unlimited income! However, we also support face-to-face sessions if all parties are comfortable with that arrangement.


Please submit the documents we have requested to:


Once you have been approved, we will need you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and an Independent Contractor Agreement.


Once all forms have been completed, you can get started immediately!




Apple Tree Tutors, LLC

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