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Virtual Learning is the Future!

Apple Tree Tutors was founded by Lori Shelton, a life-long educator. After retiring as a full time educator, Lori was concerned of how the effects of Covid-19 was creating a learning gap in virtually every aspect of education.

Lori designed Apple Tree Tutors to be a teaching platform that benefits teachers, parents and students. Apple Tree Tutors is unique because it provide a list of certified tutors for K-12 instruction, supports peer-to-peer tutors for college instruction. It also provides features like Zoom Integration, White Board Integration, Scheduling Integration, public and private forums, educational resources, to name just a few.

We are all trying to learn how to navigate through the pandemic, and Apple Tree Tutors makes virtual tutoring easy. Students benefit from the extra instruction. Parents can be at ease knowing that their child is not falling in the education "pandemic gap". And, Tutors benefit by obtaining a second stream of income, with the added advantages offered by the Apple Tree platform.

Apple Tree allows tutors to set their own schedule and rate of pay.

Tutors receive a login/password for their personal tutor portal.

Tutors get paid directly from their students, and there is no commission fees!

Tutors can collaborate with other tutors on the site and share ideas for virtual instruction.

Tutors can share resources on the Resources Page.

Apple Tree provides technical support and virtual instructional lessons to teach you how to use the site, upon request.

Apple Tree advertises for you at no additional cost.

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